FAQ – Professional Services

How can I book a professional service at home?

You can choose from a variety of services on our portal and book a home visit for professional services.

How will I be contacted?

You can choose the service that you want and provide details about your preferences. We would provide you with the best suitable options for you.

Can I contact the service experts on my own?

We would provide you with various options and you can choose to contact any professional that suits your service and budgetary preferences.

Can I get a choice in level of service?

Yes, every service comes with a variety of choices, you can choose from options such as basic, excellent and superior. Each choice has different price range; you can choose a particular service of your choice.

Can I choose the gender of professional visiting me?

Yes, you can choose the gender of professional in some categories.

What should I do if the service is not up to the mark?

You can contact customer care and bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We would try our best to provide you contact details of other professional and arrange it in lieu of the hired professional.

How do I cancel the service that is once availed?

When you book a service, you are not bound to pay for it when you avail the service, before that, you can cancel the service anytime, either by calling the customer care or by contacting the professional directly.

How do I complain for unprofessional behaviour by a professional?

iDayNyt follows a very strict code of conduct for the professionals. Any untoward incident should be brought to our notice at the earliest. We take strict action against unprofessional experts and in worst cases; we remove the professionals from our panel.

FAQ – Walk In

How do I confirm my appointment?

You can choose the service of your requirement and book a service slot at your preferred outlet.

How do I get a confirmation about my appointment?

Once you choose a service of your preference, you would get intimation about confirmation about your appointment.

How do I pay for the services?

Here you are bound to pay for book the appointment at your preferred place and after that visit the place to avail the service.

How can I cancel my services?

IDayNyt provides easy and hassle-free cancellation. You can simply visit your account and go to orders history to raise cancel request.

How do I rate my experience?

Once you visit and avail the preferred services, you can rate your experience on our portal. Your rating would be shared with other visitors and would help us to procure the list of best service providers.

How can I re-schedule my appointment?

In case you wish to re-schedule your appointment, you can simply contact the customer service and request for rescheduling. You can also contact the service provider directly and re-schedule your appointment as per your preference.

Can I transfer my appointment to a friend or relative?

It completely depends on the service provider's internal policy. You can make a request for the same, in most cases the service providers oblige such requests.

How do I file a dispute?

In rare cases, some customers are not satisfied with the service offered to them by the partner service provider. In such a case, you can contact customer support and raise your matter. We would do our best to provide you with the best of service experience.

FAQ – Online Shopping

Why are there different prices for products in the same category?

The difference in price is because each product is sold by various sellers in a single category. There can be more than one seller for a single product and each seller offers its own price.

Do I require an iDayNyt account to shop?

Yes, you need to sign up on the iDayNyt web portal or the mobile app to begin shopping from online stores. Besides, you are eligible for various discounts and offers when you sign up with us.

What should I do if I miss my delivery, as I was away from the delivery address?

In most cases, the delivery service provider or the courier service delivers the product again on the next working day. You may also be notified about the same through SMS and email.

What to do if my product is not delivered on time?

In rare cases, the delivery of the product is delayed. In such case, you may be updated about the new delivery timeline through email and SMS. You can also track the delivery status through the "My Orders" on the iDayNyt portal.

What should I do if my order is not yet shipped?

Most sellers initiate shipment within 2 – 4 working days after receiving the order. If your order has still not been shipped beyond that time, you may contact customer support. We would look into the matter.

How can I make payments for my order?

We provide multiple payment options for your online order. You can use your credit card, debit card, net-banking, e-wallet and even cash on delivery (COD). However, some sellers don't provide COD option on their merchandise.

How do I know that my credit card details are safe with iDayNyt?

You should rest assured that your credit card details are not compromised through our portal. We deploy a multi layered security protocol that does not share your financial credentials with any third party. We only empanel those sellers that comply with our security standards and hold any payments made towards conspicuous sellers. Your payments remain in our wallet, until we are sure that they are safe to be forwarded.

How can I cancel my order?

iDayNyt Departmental provides easy and hassle-free cancellation. Before the item is dispatched to your home, you have the option to cancel your order through the app or website and you can find the option to cancel your order in the tab "View Details" which is available under "My Orders" tab. Please note: Once the order is packed, the merchant may levy a fee of Rs.29 or more if an order is canceled by the customer.

What if I want to return something?

If you're dissatisfied with the products delivered, please register a complaint via the app within 48 hours for non-perishable items and 24 hours for perishable items. You will be contacted by our customer support team to sort out the issue which you are facing. You can also return the products with which you are dissatisfied at the time of delivery and we will get the refund initiated for you.

How much time will you take to commence my refund?

For amount lower than Rs. 500, the refund will reflected as iDayNyt Departmental Cash within 24 hours once the order is delivered. If the amount is more than Rs. 500, payment will be refunded to your original mode of payment; within 7-10 working days for debit or credit card payments and 24- 48 hours for other wallets to your original mode of payment.

FAQ – Online Stores

What is IDayNyt Online Store?

It is India's largest and most convenient hyper local delivery company which enables you to order grocery and other products that you need every day, directly via your mobile or web browser.

What kind of products can I purchase from Online Stores?

You can choose from over 120,000 products spread across various categories such as grocery, beverages, personal care products, baby care products, pet products and much more.

How can I make payments while shopping from online stores?

Online store accepts multiple modes of payment. You can make online payments using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallet. Most of the partner stores also provide Cash on Delivery (COD) option

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card to shop on IDayNyt Departmental?

Yes, it is. All transactions on IDayNyt Departmental are completed via secure payment gateways (PayU) which are PCI and DSS compliant. We do not save the credit/debit card credentials and we do not share the details with any third party entity.

When will my order be delivered?

Most stores initiate shipment immediately after packing the product, which is mostly done on the same day of receiving the order. You can expect the order to be delivered with 2 to 4 working days. Perishable products are delivered on priority.

Can I reschedule my order?

You can cancel your order as and when required through the "My Orders" section. You can provide the time of your preference in the section.

When do I get my refund?

For amounts lower than Rs. 500, the refund will reflected in your account within 24 hours, once the order is delivered. Amounts larger than Rs 500 take 7 to 10 working days to reflect back in your credit/debit card account and 24 – 48 hours in e-wallet accounts.

How can I cancel my order?

IDayNyt Departmental provides easy and hassle-free cancellation. You can simply visit your account and go to orders history to raise cancel request. If the order is already shipped, you would be required to bear the shipment charges. Please note: Once the order is packed, the merchant may levy a fee of Rs.29 or more if an order is cancelled by the customer.

What if I want to return something?

You can simply raise the return request on customer care section. We would organize the article to be picked. In some cases, you would be required to bear the shipment cost.

What if I want to complaint regarding the order of mine?

You can use the "Contact Us" section on the app/web.

What if I do not receive the order within the stipulated time?

Your order may be scheduled for a different day, depending on store timings and store capacities. You may track the order in "My orders" and it would provide the exact status. In case of impending delay, our customer executives will keep you informed about your order's delivery time.

Can I schedule an order to my convenience?

Yes, you can provide your preferred delivery times and in most cases the delivery is made within that time.

Do you charge for delivery?

Every store declares their delivery charges. Charges are waived when you order above a stipulated cost. The final bill that is reflected before check out mentions the charges.

What are your delivery times?

Our delivery times vary from 6 AM to 11 PM, depending on your location.

FAQs – Ghar ka Khana

How can I join Ghar ka Khana as a Homechef?

Click the following LINK and register providing your details, our team would get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I edit my order?

You can edit your order in the "My Orders" section and make the edits. Once your order is confirmed and the food is being prepared, you might not be able to edit it.

Can I cancel my order?

You can request for cancellation either through "My Orders" section or by calling the customer care. Please be informed that once your order is confirmed, you might be charged a small amount to compensate the home-chef and courier/delivery partner.

Does iDayNyt confirm the quantity and quality of food?

We empanel only trusted home-chefs after complete verification. Quantity and quality aspects are the home-chef's responsibility. If you are unsatisfied with the quantity or quality of the food kindly give feedback and we would notify the home-chef.

How long does it take to get food delivered?

The food is generally delivered within 1 hour depending on the location of the home-chef and the distance from your location. You can also schedule food delivery according to your preference.

Do you charge delivery fees?

A delivery fee varies according to the distance. In some cases, where shorter distance is involved, the delivery is free. In cases, where the distance is longer, delivery fee might be applied. The final delivery fee is outlined at the time of check out in the bill.

Is there a minimum amount to order?

There is no minimum order amount to process your order. You can choose the options of any value.

Can I place order from my current location?

Yes, you have to activate the "location" service on your device and we can provide you with the available options. You can choose to order from the home-chef available near your location.

How can I pay?

We accept payments through credit/debit cards, net-banking, e-wallets and some home-chefs accept cash on delivery.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we accept bulk and corporate orders.